Mrs. AG September 9, 2020

I simply love the healthy vegetarian food served at Manolayam. Very pleasant place to stay. Surely a home away from home.

Mr. BT September 2, 2020

The rooms are nice. It gives privacy to the resident. There is lots of storage space and bathrooms are well designed.

Mr. GR August 25, 2020

The garden and greenery makes Manolayam a happy place to live. My aunt who stays here goes for daily walks. The management has also installed a swing and its so pleasant and peaceful here.

Mrs. RS August 17, 2020

The other places I stayed earlier the room style was dormitory. I like it here as these are independent rooms.

Mr. UD August 10, 2020

There are several books in the library which the management has set up. All are very good. I love the navarathiri festival here as Golu is organized. Gives a feeling of home.

Mr. TS July 20, 2020

The pricing is very nominal for all the facilities which are being given. My Mother is very happy here. I am at peace as I live so far away in Canada. I know that she is safe here.

Mr. EA July 12, 2020

The visit to a farm which the management took us was good. Enjoyed the day very much.

Mr. LP July 5, 2020

My father is at last very happy. The physician who visits keeps tab of everyone's health issues.